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Learning Support

Learning and Support Team

The school learning and support team plays a key role in ensuring that the specific needs of students with disability and additional learning and support needs are met.

The team:

  • supports teachers in identifying and responding to the additional learning needs of students
  • facilitates and coordinates a whole school approach to improving the learning outcomes of every student
  • coordinates planning processes and resourcing for students with disability and additional learning and support needs
  • designs and implements the supports required to build teacher capacity so that all students access quality learning
  • develops collaborative partnerships with the school, parents and carers, other professionals and the wider school community.

Every school has a learning and support team. The composition of teams may vary as they are made up of members according to the needs of the particular school and community in which they work.

Learning and support teacher

The learning and support teacher (PDF 47.68KB) provides direct and timely specialist assistance to students in regular classes with disability and additional learning and support needs and their teachers. Their works emphasises:

  • the needs of individual students
  • school priorities, and
  • evidence-based programs to assist students with additional learning and support needs.

Learning and support teachers use a collaborative and consultative approach so that students themselves and their parents or carers are actively involved in decision-making.