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Mandatory History

Year 7 (Stage 4)

Through this course students will conduct studies into the nature of history and historical sources, both archaeological and written, to investigate ancient history from approximately 60,000BCE to CE650 to the beginning of the modern era (CE650-CE1750).

Students will investigate the cultural practices and social organisation of societies in ancient Australia, the Mediterranean and Asian worlds. They will also investigate several modern world civilisations from the European and Asian world. This will include an examination of social, economic, religious and political beliefs and how these were challenged and changed by intercultural contacts and reshaping the modern world.

Topics studied include:

  • Investigating the Ancient Past.
  • Ancient Mediterranean Society e.g. Egypt.
  •  Ancient Asian Society e.g. China.
  • The Western and Islamic World e.g. Medieval Europe or the Vikings.
  • The Asia-Pacific World e.g.Japan Under the Shoguns.
  • Expanding Contacts e.g. The Spanish Conquest of the Americas or Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples, Colonisation and Contact History.

Year 9 (Stage 5)

In Year 9 History students will study the way that our modern world was created from 1750-1945. This period was a time of great change across the world, including changes to the way people lived, worked and thought. It was the time of the Industrial Revolution (and other national revolutions), imperialism, nationalism and colonization. Australia was affected directly and indirectly by these changes.

Australia was affected by the expansion of European power in this period. By studying Year 9 History students will learn more about how the Australia of today came to be, and how the past has shaped our present day!

Topics studied include:

  • Making a Better World? e.g. Movement of peoples - convicts and slaves or The Industrial Revolution.
  • Australia and Asia e.g. Making a Nation or Asia and the World.
  • Core: Australians At War( World Wars I and II).

Year 10 (Stage 5)

The focus of Year 10 History is the Rights and Freedoms of people living in a Globalising World after the Second World War.  As part of this conflict the world witnessed the Holocaust and the first use of nuclear weapons.  In the aftermath of this war decolonisation saw the end of the great European empires and the emergence of new nations.  At this time the United Nations was formed and a global struggle for Human Rights began. Australia was affected by global events and changes.

Topics studied include:

  • Core: Rights and Freedoms 1945-present (United Nations, The US Civil Rights Movement, civil rights in Australia)
  • The Globalising World: Popular culture or Migration experiences
  • School-developed topic e.g. The Holocaust or Women’s history.
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