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Subject Selection Information - History

Subject Selections


Click the links for each subject to view the Subject Selections presentation. Further enquiries about particular courses can be made to the Head Teacher or History Teaching staff.

Electives for years 9 and 10

Elective History

The Elective History course lets you study the History you miss in years 9 and 10! Topics may vary depending on the class teacher, but generally you will study a variety of ancient, medieval and/or modern topics, including:

  • societies
  • cultures
  • people
  • historical events and issues.

Activities and tasks will range from

  • research tasks
  • oral presentations
  • graphic and ICT presentations
  • creative tasks
  • writing tasks
  • source based activities
  • web-quests
  • movie making
  • competitions etc.

Some of the topics we have studied at CGHS Elective History include

  • The Lost City of Petra
  • Archaeology
  • Hollywood and History / Movie Myth busting
  • Historical Heroines and Villainesses
  • World Myths and Legends
  • Disasters
  • Titanic;  Lusitania 
  • The Ancient Celtic Society
  • The Tudors; Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
  • The Wonders of the World
  • The Holocaust
  • Angkor Wat
  • Death in a Minoan Temple
  • Great Historical Mysteries (including JFK, Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, Easter Island)
  • Many many more!!
For more information, please contact the history staffroom.

International Studies

International Studies explores different cultures and ways people live around the world.

The course investigates:-

  •         cultures, people and their lives.
  •         things that make people similar and different around the world.
  •         what's it like to live, eat, dress, work somewhere else.


This course provides interesting information and understanding if you ever plan to:-

  •         travel overseas
  •         work overseas
  •         work for an overseas company
  •         study a subject like International Studies at university


The course includes a choice of elective topics such as:-

  • Culture and Diversity with country studies from Asia and the world
  • Travel, Tourism and Culture
  • Culture and Food
  • Culture and Performing Arts (eg K Pop, Bollywood, Celtic dancing, etc)
  • Culture and Sport
  • Culture and Belief Systems (eg Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Aboriginal belief systems)
  • Coming to Australia (migration, refugees and asylum seekers)
  • Culture, Gender and Family
  • Culture and Media and Politics


So it's a bit like THE OLYMPICS meets GETAWAY, mixed with FOOD SAFARI and MASTER CHEF  then  throw in a little AMAZING RACE and any other ‘around the world experience' you can think of.


Assessment for this course may include research, oral written and graphic presentations, film making, interviews, group work and practical activities.


Year 10 subject selections for Year 11 and 12

Ancient History

Modern History

Society and Culture

  • SAC Presentation (pdf 5.9 MB)
  • For more information please contact the History staffroom.

Studies of Religion

  • SOR Presentation (pdf 1.6 MB)
  • For more information please contact the History staffroom.


Year 11 Subject Selections for Year 12

History Extension