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Studies of Religion I (1 Unit Course)

1 Unit Course

Studies of Religion

Rationale (An excerpt from NESA Syllabus)

"Religion has been and is an integral part of human experience and a component of every culture. An appreciation of society is enhanced by an understanding of religion, its influence on human behaviour and interaction within culture... An understanding of religion provides a perspective for the human view of reality and deals with daily living as well as with the ultimate source, meaning and goal of life. Religion is generally characterised by a worldview that recognises a supernatural dimension – belief in divinity or powers beyond the human and/or dwelling within the human. 
The Studies of Religion syllabus acknowledges that there are many ways of studying religion. It investigates the significance of the role of religion in society and, in particular, 
within Australian society. It recognises and appreciates the place and importance of Aboriginal belief systems and spiritualities in Australia. This syllabus enables students who 
live in a multifaith and multicultural society to progress from a broad understanding of religious traditions to specific studies within these traditions. The syllabus provides a focus on religious expression in Australia and, also, investigates religion's place within the global community."

Preliminary Studies of Religion 

Topics Studied

  1. CoreNature of Religion and Beliefs.
  2. Religious Tradition: Judaism.
  3. Religious Tradition: Christianity.


HSC Studies of Religion

Topics Studied:

  1. CoreReligion and Belief Systems in Australia (post 1945).
  2. Depth Study 1: Judaism.
  3. Depth Study 2: Christianity.