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Translated Document

NAPLAN 7 and 9 (pdf 236KB)


Common Grade scale for Preliminary Courses

Cantonese (pdf 243KB)


Core values

Cantonese (pdf 205KB)


HSC Assessment and info

Cantonese (pdf 462KB)

Chinese (pdf 409KB)


Yr11 selection selection

Yr 11 subject selection letter Cantonese (pdf 216KB)


Yr 11 Subject selection 2018


Yr 11 Subject selection Chinese (pdf 221KB)


Year 11 Principal Message

Year 11 Principal Message (Cantonese) (docx 24KB)


Year 11 Principal message

Year 11 Principal Message (Chinese) (docx 19KB)


higher school assessment policy

          Yr 11 Higher School Certificate assessment policy in Cantonese (pdf 4130KB)


High School certificate assessment policy in manda

          Yr 11 Higher School Certificate assessment policy in Mandarin (pdf 3501KB)


Yr11 Student Responsibilities (Cantonese) (pdf 724KB)



Malpractice (Cantonese) (docx 16KB)


Non Attempt

Cantonese (docx 18KB)


Yr 11 Student's Responsibilities (Chinese)

Yr11 Student's Responsibilities (Chinese) (docx 26KB)

Malpractice (Chinese)

Malpractice (Chinese) (docx 18KB)


Non attemp

Chinese (docx 17KB)

Year 10 Assessment Booklet


Cantonese (pdf 440KB)


year 10 Assessment Booklet

Chinese (pdf 456KB)


yr 9 2018


Yr9 subjection selection letter (Cantonese) (pdf 178KB)



yr 9 subject selection

Yr 9 subject selection letter (Chinese) (pdf 150KB)


Year 9 Principal message

Year 9 Principal Message (Cantonese) (docx 22KB)


Year 9 Principal Message

Year 9 Principal Message (Chinese) (docx 20KB)


Year 7


Expression of interest for placement in Year 7 at NSW Secondary Government School  (pdf 689 KB)


Year 7, 2017 Conditional Enrolment  Application

Year 7, 2018 Conditional Enrolment (Cantonese) (docx 19 KB)

Year 7 2017 Legal Notification

Year 7 2018 Legal Notification (Cantonese)  (docx 50 KB)

Y7 2017 Invitation for Enrolment Mandarin

Year 7, 2017 Invitation to finalise Enrolment (Chinese)  (pdf 226 KB)

condition of enrolment.

Year 7, 2018 Conditional Enrolment (Chinese) (docx 17 KB)

Year 7 legal notification

Year 7 2018 Legal Notification (Chinese)  (docx 34 KB)

enrolmentEnrolment policy 2018 cantonese (pdf 1608 KB)

enrolment Enrolment Policy 2018 Chinese (pdf 1489 KB)


con1con1The School Counselling service (pdf 520 KB)


konkon2The School Counselling Service (pdf 516 KB)


workplaceThe workplace learning guide for parents and carers Cantonese (pdf 187 KB)

workplaceThe Work place learning guide for parents and carers Chinese (pdf 214 KB)

work The Work place learning guides for parents and carers Korean (pdf 191 KB)

authority Temporary residents program Application form for an Authority to enrol (Cantonese)  (pdf 316 KB)

authority to enrol
Temporary residents program Application form for an Authority to enrol (Chinese)(pdf 352 KB)

authority 1Temporary residents program Application form for an Authority to enrol (Korean) (pdf 264 KB)



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